CADimensions Inc. was founded in 1990 as a value added reseller with a vision to be the #1 resource provider for 3D engineering software and manufacturing productivity in the geographic areas that they serve.  An authorized SOLIDWORKS reseller since 1995 with certified training and support centers in Syracuse, Buffalo, Albany, Pittsburgh, and Rochester. They have developed an expertise in providing design automation solutions for customers that are in partnerships with their key vendors. 


Chicago Electronic Distributors, Inc. is a small business that gives service to customers who enjoy the latest in maker electronics and miniature computing. They distinguish themselves in the information technology industry by buidling custom raspberry pis and Arduino units for even the most discriminating buyer. 



The McDevitt Center is a high level research center that is anchored by four McDevitt chairs. It is a full spectrum experiential learning center that features high impact co-curricular programs that dramatically enhance student engagement and learning. They also help to connect college students who participate in research studies with potential job opportunities upon receiving their bachelors or masters degrees through the help of the Career Advising Department, which is located in Reilly Hall. 

Our Staff at the Maker Institute consists of college students who are in various fields in the realms of information technology, engineering, graphic design, and many more. Our goal at the Maker Institute is to instill a teaching experience into college students on Le Moyne College's campus, as well as in elementary and middle schools across the Syracuse area, otherwise known as the Mini Makers. Currently, the Maker Institute is working with a private school called St. Patrick's School in Oneida, where our goal there is for teachers to instill 3D printing concepts in their curriculum, as well as give the students there some hands-on experience with the printers and how they work.

By working together with St. Patricks, we at the Maker Institute hope to broaden their student's horizons in the knowledge of constantly changing technology. Our CEO, Douglas Hill, has been working closely with the school principal, Kristin Healt in order to make our mission a success, and incorporate these technologies in the students' day to day lives at the school. Teachers will be able to monitor a print's progress by installing video-cameras by their 2 printers, and allow students the opportunity to see the progress as well. We hope to continue working with them to see what the students there can do with this cutting edge technology!

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